Thursday, 6 December 2012

Packing for Christmas

So now it's the turn of our Warehouse and Packing department...

The next two weeks are crucial at Porter and Woodman as we pick and pack the hampers ready for the Christmas deliveries.

Most of the printed tags, lids, sashes, compliments slips and gift cards are ready to be matched up to their orders by now, although there are still orders coming through, even now!

Our loyal and long-serving Warehouse staff work doubly-hard at this time of year; firstly packing all the gifts, then ensuring that they are matched up with the correct print, personalisation and delivery dockets.

It's hard, but rewarding work and the whole company comes together to help, making it a great atmosphere in the build-up to Christmas - but we won't lie, it's a big relief when we can shut the doors as the last delivery goes out. Then we can really enjoy Christmas!

Quick Reminder!
Final order day for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Friday 7th December - SO PLEASE HURRY!!!!

Visit, e-mail or call 01384 445844 for more info.

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