Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Christmas Story continues with the photography..., the gifts have all be selected and fine-tuned - what next?

By the middle of May, all the gifts are ready to have photography taken. Despite having our own purpose built photography studio, it isn't big enough to house this mammoth task, so the complete range is packed up and transported to a professional photography studio.

Each gift is then photographed as a finished item and laid out with props, with several pics taken at different exposures for each setting. From start to finish, this is a 3 week process, with the photographer spending the last week selecting the right exposure for each gift.

At the beginning of June, the pics arrive in our Print Services Studio to be made ready for the website, social media and the brochure, but that's another part of the story...


To see just what goes into one of our beautiful, luxury hampers, why not take a peek at our new YouTube clip...

Now that you can see that a corporate wine and hamper gift isn't just for Christmas, give us a call on 01384 445844 and see what we can do for you for any promotion or staff gift throughout the year.

You can also visit our Print Services department's blog to see how the brochure has developed in the last eleven years...

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